Advantages of Online Deposit

  • Attractive Interest Rates

    The deposit pays attractive interest on all currencies and terms.
    • This is our way to welcome you to BACB. You can start saving with as little as BGN 1,000. Your savings earn guaranteed return.
  • Convenience

    You don’t have to visit Bank’s office or wait in lines:
    • The deposit is opened online, without visiting Bank’s office, at time of your convenience
    • You receive registration for the Virtual Bank (the online banking of BACB). It can be used to manage your online deposits, as well as to open new ones
    • The incoming transfers to your Online Deposit are fee- and commission-free

  • Security

    Your savings up to BGN 196 000 are guaranteed by the Bank Deposits Guarantee Fund. More information is available here.

Conditions for opening an Online Deposit:

  • You must be a natural person of legal age, a Bulgarian citizen or a permanent resident of Bulgaria
  • The deposit is offered to new clients. You should have no and have never had any accounts with the Bank or had only online deposits at the time of registration and filing the initial application for opening new Online Deposit.
  • The deposit can be replenished only from your personal account as Private individual with Bulgarian bank or bank from EU, within 15 calendar days period.
  • Upon termination of the deposit, your money will be returned to the replenishment account

What you need and how much time would it take to file an application for an Online Deposit:

  • Select the term and currency of the deposit. The minimum amount of the deposit is 1 000, and the maximum amount - 500 000 currency units
  • Fill-in the application on a computer or a mobile device, which will take about 5 minutes
  • Attach a photo/s of your ID (front and back) and/or a Permanent Residence Certificate if you are a foreigner, with a maximum size of 1 MB, in either of the following file formats: .pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .png
  • Provide a valid email address and mobile phone number
  • Confirm your application by entering the code, received via SMS on the specified mobile number



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